about me

The basic facts about Karen Eller: I’m a 40-something year old woman, married for 20+ years to a great man, Don. We have no human kids, but one adorable, amazing Husky dog; I’m a vegetarian; I live in NC, born in PA; I am the youngest of 6 kids; I have a job as a programmer/data manager; I’m a reiki master; I have a Master’s degree in Sociology.

This year I published my first book, Trail to My True Self  It’s about being joyful, but with a deeper look into my personal journey.

I like to walk, jog, hike, be in nature, read (mostly non-fiction), craft, bake vegan desserts, hang out and laugh with my family, watch funny people, like Jimmy Fallon and Jerry Seinfeld. Oh…and I like to write.  😉

But no matter what I am doing, I always seek the higher perspective. Asking myself – what can I learn from this, what does this really mean or how can I grow from this?  Sometimes I wish I didn’t “have to” look closer at situations.  But I have realized, and embraced, that this is just who I am.  I can’t not ask such questions.

My disclaimer section: I am by no means perfect!  I have made my share of mistakes and have regrets about past actions (still working on forgiving myself and others).  And I still have down-in-the-dumps moments.  But, they don’t last as long nor come about as often.  Most importantly, when I do get in a bad funk, I don’t get so hopeless.  I remember and use my tools to help myself.  They work!!!

Check out my first blog for more info about me and this site.  Thanks for reading!

5 thoughts on “about me

  1. Hi Karen! Thank you for visiting and liking a couple of posts on my blog! You have a beautiful blog which I look forward to exploring! With love and best wishes, Meliza x

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