The List of Already Manifested Things

I have noticed, in the past, that when I didn’t get things that I wanted, there was a part of me that felt it was because I didn’t deserve them.  My somewhat subconscious thinking often went along the lines of, I didn’t get x, so I must not have deserved it.  On the other hand, when I did get things I wanted, I felt that I got them because I did deserve them.  Of course, this is all hogwash and I have wised up from this type of worthy vs. unworthy thinking.  But it did get me thinking.  Could there be some value in recalling things that we wanted and have already manifested?

Often after we get something we wanted, we take it for granted – at least we take for granted how badly we wanted it and how difficult it may have been to get it.  We get it and then we almost directly move on to the next wanted thing, probably already feeling dismal about not having it and becoming discouraged, antsy or even angered about not receiving it.  Rather than keep repeating this energy-draining cycle over and over by focusing on the next thing and the next thing, we can turn it around by putting our attention on what we have wanted and have already received.

This is another way to use our thoughts to increase our joy.  In doing this, it focuses our minds positively, rather than lamenting about what we want and have not yet received.  Remember, if our minds are left untended to, the ego will think negative, unworthy, incapable thoughts.

When we focus on and ponder a list of already manifested things (material, mental, emotional and spiritual things) we not only appreciate what we received, but we also feel the empowerment of our thoughts and actions.  In reminding ourselves that we did indeed get things we wanted, we are uplifted and empowered.  Just as we increased our self-worth by thinking good, kind thoughts about ourselves (click here for a review), this is another way to affirm our worth.  It is a way for us to see our strengths, capabilities and talents in action!

Then we can take and apply this hopefulness and empowerment to what we currently want.  We tell ourselves, ‘I did/received this, this, this, and this, surely I can do/receive this new thing, as well.’  We remind ourselves that we sometimes (or maybe every time) felt daunted or discouraged, at the start, when we wanted something. But it did not prevent the manifestation (although it may have held it up a bit!).  And so this time, rather than feeling overwhelmed or disheartened, we optimistically and enthusiastically anticipate the manifestation, remembering and being grateful for what we have already wanted and received.  Most importantly we remember and revel in our capabilities and worthiness along the way.

What have you wanted and already manifested?   Feel and know your power and worthiness as you recall everything on that list.  What new things do you want?  Remember your power and worth during the process as they make their way to you!

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