Self-Worth in Challenging Times

Once we get on the roll of loving ourselves and being kind to ourselves, it starts to become second nature.  We start feeling good about ourselves more often than not.  When things are all hunky-dory, the process is easy.  But what happens when we hit a bump and don’t like our actions?  Like when we don’t face a fear (I recently chickened out of doing a high zipline), or we make a crucial mistake, or we act based on other’s opinions, or we gain a lot of weight, or we cause an accident, or we scold kids unnecessarily, or we lash out unreasonably at others?

We’ve got to find a way to be kind to and love ourselves amidst such obstacles because this is when it really counts; this is when it can make a huge difference in our lives.  This is what can move us past our fears and worries.  By knowing -and telling ourselves- that we are good and lovable even when we don’t appear to be, we tell fear and worry, there’s nothing to feel negative about because no matter how badly I messed up, I am still worthy of love.  Remember, unconditional love means we don’t require conditions to be a certain way to love ourselves.  Loving ourselves when we don’t like our actions is practicing unconditional love.  These are times to take a moment to refresh ourselves with how we increase our self-worth. See this link  Remember, we are forming a new habit, so it can take some extra time and thought and that is perfectly ok.

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