Self-Worth – Ranking and Comparing Ourselves

So, what if we actually are right and another person wrong?  Of course this happens all the time.  If someone says Florida is north of Alaska and another says the opposite, someone is right and someone is wrong.  It’s just a fact. Also, other people can be prettier, stronger, smarter, and better at certain activities.  And conversely, we can be the prettier, stronger, smarter one.

But, ranking ourselves to know our worth is where the trouble comes in.  If we need to know where we fall compared to others – regardless of whether it is higher or lower – this is an indicator of lack of self-worth. In other words, it’s an action of the ego.

It’s also a fact that we might not matter to someone or they might not listen to us, respect or like us, or they might be mad at us.  Let’s face it, everyone is not going to like or agree with us.

But, such things need to have nothing to do with our worthiness.  If others negatively respond to us, we don’t take it to heart; we don’t fret about it; we don’t base our worth on it because it really has nothing to do with us.  (It is usually something in them – they are worrying about some issue or trying to validate their own worth.)

When our worth comes from within ourselves, we know we are worthy despite negative or positive reactions and opinions.  We know we are worthy despite thefact of where we fall on the pretty/strong/smart scales.

Also, just because we are right or better at something or prettier, stronger, smarter, etc. doesn’t mean we are a better or more worthy person.  For instance, if we practice soccer and become the world’s greatest player that means we are the world’s greatest soccer player and means nothing more than just that (regardless of whether we practiced and got where we are or we were born with the expertise).  Thinking we are more valuable than others because of our talents, expertise,  how we look, etc. is the type of thinking that comes from the ego.  The ego boasts itself seeking validation because it is actually unsure about its worth.

Let’s be aware today of when we compare ourselves to others.  And then remind ourselves that there’s no need to compare, judge or rank because we are special, unique and worthy…just like everybody else.

Next post, let’s focus more on how we can get a stronger sense of self-worth from within ourselves.

2 thoughts on “Self-Worth – Ranking and Comparing Ourselves

  1. It feels second nature tome to compare myself to others, now when I do I will be aware of what I am doing and think ranking is unimportant.

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