What This Blog is About and Why I Care About It

Hi!  Welcome to the Keys to Joy Blog.  I’m Karen Eller and this blog is about – you guessed it – how to be joyful.  This is where I will share my ideas on how to get more joy in our lives.  I will let you know what has (and hasn’t) worked for me.  I’ve learned through first-hand trial and error…out of dire necessity!  Explanation follows.  Please, read on…

I’ve always felt a general lack of joy throughout my life…for no apparent reason.  Nothing particularly devastating ever happened to me.  For example, I have never been physically or emotionally abused, neglected, poverty-stricken; I’m not an alcoholic or drug addict; never had an eating disorder, etc.  I had a terrific childhood and continue to have great relationships with my family. Despite no apparent reason, I have had a constant struggle throughout my life to find joy.  Not only have I been unhappy but, many times, I’ve spiraled down into a deeply depressed state – you know, the kind where you can’t get out of the fetal position in bed and contemplate bringing about The End.  I’ve been to therapists – who have helped me feel hopeful, but they never really gave me any lasting solutions.  And I have difficulty swallowing pills so medications were never an option!

My solutions have come from my own research.  I’ve read many, many, many, many (you get the idea) self-help/personal growth books and been to lots of mind-body-spirit retreats and seminars. So I would research and then try things out.  I experimented to see what actually made me feel better and which kept working over the long-haul.

My own intuition is a big part of all of this too.  A connection to God/Source/Creator/Universe/AlphaOmega/FatherMother –whatever you want to call Him/Her/It- helps me know what feels right and to have an inner sort of knowing which helps guide me.  (Much more about all that later.)

When I read a book, blog or article, I suppose it is the nosey side of me that likes to know mostly irrelevant things about the person whom is doing the writing. So here are some irrelevant (and some relevant) facts about me: I have been married for 20 years; I’m 40 something years old; no kids; one adorable, amazing Husky dog; I live in NC, born in PA; I am the youngest of 6 kids; I have a job as a programmer/data manager; I’m a reiki master; I have a Master’s degree in Sociology…That’s plenty to get started!

My disclaimer section: I am by no means perfect!  I have made my share of mistakes and have regrets about past actions (still working on forgiving myself and others).  And I still have down-in-the-dumps moments.  But, they don’t last as long nor come about as often.  Most importantly, when I do get in a bad funk, I don’t get so hopeless.  I remember and use my tools to help myself.  They work!!!

After years of helping myself, I thought it was time to share my methods with the world – well, the cyber world, at least.  My hope is that I can lead you to ideas for becoming more joyful yourself.   I also hope to get feedback and ideas from all of you readers out there too.  We are all in this Life together and need to help each other out whenever we can.  Let’s get joyful!

4 thoughts on “What This Blog is About and Why I Care About It

  1. For all of you reading this – Karen is my sister. She is an intelligent and loving person. I respect and admire her very much. She would be a good friend of mine even if we were not related. That is how much I enjoy being around her energy ! When we are together, we experience joy in the simplest and stupidest things. Just being together in the same room brings about joyfulness for me. When we are laughing together, I can feel my body and my soul being affected in the most positive way. I realize, that is the state of being that I am striving for in my everyday life. I wish you all that same joy in your lives.

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